"I feel that it's our children who do give us hope because they are the ones who are going to save the world"


This is Olivia. She’s coming up for one year old, she lives in Bielsko-Biala and we have to say she’s very cute!

Olivia’s mum, Kamila, is 24 years old, a single parent and like any mother, she is determined to give her daughter the best possible start in life. 

She took care of herself during her pregnancy, regularly visited her GP and also had prenatal diagnosis in a professional medical center. There was no reason to expect anything unusual.

“The first shock for us was the deformation of her feet. Actually her feet didn’t have the shape of a foot at all– they were “folded” and her toes were “stuck” to Olivia’s tibias. The second shock for us was the result of USG test – Olivia only had one kidney.” – Jola Kumorek, Olivia’s Aunt 

With every medical examination Olivia’s family became more and more frightened for the quality of her future life. The most serious problem was a complex defect of the spine (including spina bifida).  Olivia spent the first few weeks of her life in hospital (about 50 miles from her hometown) and was restricted from seeing her mother to only few minutes a day.
Eventually Olivia was professionally diagnosed and introduced to the physiotherapy practice that she now undergoes daily . Under the care of specialists Olivia attends the medical center and swimming pool for rehabilitation. Three times a day Olivia and Camila work through exercises designed to eliviate pain and develop crucial muscle groups.
For now, it is impossible to be sure what the consequences are of her spine condition are to her nervous system and urinary system (she needs to be catheterized 2-3 times a day to avoid any kidney related risks).
However, it’s not all doom and gloom! Olivia is very cheerful child. For someone so little she works very hard – as grown adults, many of us would struggle to maintain such enthusiasm for life in the face of daily excersise and a strict regime… And Olivia isn’t yet one year old!
At the moment, life for Olivia is a constant adventure – she can sit, crawl on all fours and is even trying to stand up! While it’s too early to tell if she will be able to walk,  it’s clear that it will be a long and hard process to achieve. Though her feet now look almost normal,  her legs (muscles contracture), her spine and her entire body needs everyday intensive rehabilitation.
For Olivia to continue to receive the treatment and care that she desperately needs to have the hope of living a relatively normal life, it costs money .
All money raised from the Ox2BB project will go towards the care and attention that will make a fundamental difference to Olivia’s quality of life. Each donation means an incredible amount to those closest to Olivia.
“Since the very first day of her life, Olivia has had to work very hard. There’s no doubt that she’ll need to continue to work hard throughout the rest of her life. However, we can already see the results of the fantastic treatment and medical attention she has received. As a mother, it’s my responsibility to now look ahead and figure out how I can ensure this treatment can continue” Kamila Kumorek, Olivia’s Mum
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Every little penny counts for Olivia and her family. Only £1 can make a massive difference


We've reached out to a number of potential sponsors and we're hoping that some of them will be able to aid us in reaching our goal and help Olivia.


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